What are you waiting for? Take the Plunge!

This is a page turner and contains good information to lay a solid foundation for online work – and for future passive income and how to start bu gathering information that will make a difference in your life

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Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step. – Martin Luther King Jnr

I must confess something. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie.On my bucket list is bunjee jumping one day, but I digress..

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I love the thrill of starting a new businesses. Brain storming ideas and imagining all the possibilities…it gives me such a head rush…

Perhaps you have been contemplating the idea of quitting your job to start online work. Perhaps you have seen the intriguing, ‘Make a million dollars working from home,’ ads or better still, ‘Make $48 000 in a week!’ and have been tempted to take the plunge….

However, before you write your resignation letter and quit, I want you think about this for a second. Starting a business, no matter what kind of…

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Tips For Your First Freelancing Job

When you listen to those that have gone before yo. You learn a lot of things though their pain and agony so you don’t walk the same road

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People ask me why do I do what I do? In short, if you can’t stop thinking about it then don’t stop working for it. I have always wanted to invest on the stock exchanges of the world, buy real estate, start big businesses. It’s sounds very ambitious right. But why not? I am four months from graduating from my undergrad and not sure where I am headed after this. All I know is that these dreams above won’t go away. Should I wait until I am in my 30s and have a well established job to begin doing all this? Or can I start somewhere? These are just some of the thoughts that led me on this journey I am sharing with you in this blog.

So, you have finally decided to start working online but have no idea where to start? You may be asking…

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Angry Cecil: Revenge of a Lion

Now we are not into the business of reviewing applications but this one sparked our attention we just had to write about it.


It seems the Legend of Cecil the Zimbabwean Lion still lives on, i think he (Cecil) is the “Mhondoro” we all heard about but never got to see, for, many elders in our communities liken him to the spirit of the legendary Sekuru Kaguvi.

But wait, this is not a history lesson, its about ANGRY CECIL: Revenge of a Lion, the mobile game that has potential to cause a stir amomgst nature lovers and game enthusiasts.

According to the developers of the game, Team Tapinator, 50% of this game’s profits will be donated to Protecting African Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Their motivation is summed up in this following statement “Cecil the Zimbabwean Lion was killed by poachers in summer 2015. Numerous animals, like Cecil, are slayed each year by hunters for no good reason. To honor Cecil and bring attention to wildlife conservation, this game satirically licenses Cecil to take revenge on trophy hunters.”

Cecil the Zimbabwean Lion

So basically you choose a Lion of your choice and speed, of cause Cecil being the favourite. You complete different missions including protecting lion cubs from the hunters and hunting down and killing poachers; save the Lioness from hunters and try to survive in the wild for as long as you can.

The game boasts of a 3D interactive interface and the setting includes the Jungle and the City, poachers better come up with your own “Kill Cecil” app soon lest you become annihilated.